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Game Guru offers a ton (seriously, we weighed them!) of FREE GAMES, some favorite games include: Mafia 21, Gimbo's Bingo, Catch the Cradle, Sloppy Slots, Roulette Round-A-Bout and Furry Fella!
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Free Online Games!

Bongo's Bingo


Bongo's Bingo is Bingo, Bongo style - he's looking to get you so you better watch out! Play against Bongo or against the clock! Beat the odds and grab QUADRUPLE Reward Points or risk getting clobbered by Bongo... and that ain't a pretty site!

Mafia 21


Highest hand wins the round! Play against Luigi, the Big Bad Mafia Boss (if you're willing to take the chance)! Your winning hand wins TRIPLE Reward Points on the spot!

Sloppy Slots


There's Reward Points spilling all over the place! Mop them up as they spill off the slots and collect as many points as you can!

Roulette Round-a-Bout


Based on classic Vegas Roulette, Roulette Round-a-Bout has you rolling 'round the wheel navigating a sweet ride of your choice. Guess where the car stops and you earn Double Reward Points.

Furry Fella


Furry Fella grows a whole lota' fur. Cut it off before it's too late! The faster you cut, the more Reward Points you earn!

Magic Marbles


Magic Marbles come and go. Hit the right ones, in time, and you win Reward Points. But watch the clock cause time is running out and you gotta' get all your shots!

Today's Recent Winners
Mica4fun $2,675 Sloppy Slots
Jazzbabydoll $3,234 Fisherman's Alley
Zackacrazy $1,227 Tony Toad
MarcyParcy $3,787 BAM!
Califunia $2,223 Mafia 21
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